Gaming madness.

I really need to get back into Malifaux. I don’t think we’ve played since December! That is sad.

Especially considering I had all those models recently professionally painted all amazingly. And I now have some Viktorias and a few minions for them, so that’s a new master for me to… master.

It’s a bit disheartening, though, when you lose all the time. That’s par for the course of playing a game, I understand, but it makes a person wonder if they’re just bad at it. But I should just enjoy the overall experience, whether winning or losing. I’m still new to all this!

It really doesn’t help that Community airs the same night as my local game store has Malifaux night. Darn it!

My game of choice lately has been Pathfinder. I’m presently in two compaigns, and yes, I often confuse my characters since they’re both magically-flavored. (A cleric and sorcerer.) Fun times though. Good thing the boyfriend is there and more experienced with the game and can remind me that the cleric gets to change her spells every day but the sorcerer does not. Boo, I say to that!

I’ve also been playing a lot of Fable III. What can I say, I love it. I think I’ve played completely through at least 3 times now. Even through the Traitor’s Keep quest stuff. And The Pen is Mightier (which is usually the last thing I fully finish.) I tried to play one of the games evil, but I got too into it and just couldn’t do all the evil things. She did the selfish things like making a brothel instead of an orphanage and keeping the residents of Understone working instead of setting them free. (Cha-ching!) Maybe someday I’ll be able to detach enough to just be evil.

You know what I haven’t played in months, which is really strange for me? LOTRO. For shame, Ang! I may have to start again.

My damn job is really cutting into all my gaming time.