Zoraida scores a few points.

ZoraidaI played Zoraida against a newer opponent’s Kirai last Thursday. It was kind of nice to play a fellow noob, as I wasn’t quite so stomped this game like I usually am. For the first time since… my first game?… I scored points! Three points! My strategy was Destroy the Evidence (I got 2 out of 3) and my schemes were Reclaim Malifaux (got 6 out of 9 squares) and Stake a Claim (failed). It really was nice to play a game where I felt like I had a shot for a couple rounds.

With Zoraida, I had Bad Juju, 2 Stitched Togethers, 2 Wicked Dolls, and of course the Voodoo Doll. I was a bit confused a few times and I don’t think I used my Voodoo Doll to my best advantage, and lost some time with Reclaim Malifaux when I didn’t realize¬†Insignificant¬†models didn’t count toward my goal after using Wicked Dolls for 2 squares (I kept one since it was near Zoraida and had a Stitchie reclaim the other). I think if I had it to do over, I’d have a 3rd (or more if I had more) Wicked Doll just to be distracting and/or pick up Evidence tokens. I had opted for only 2 to get a few more soulstones. Getting the hang of Zoraida though. Well, more than I was, anyway! Plenty more to learn, I’m sure.

My painted Lilith crew should be back home next week, so then it’ll be time to ship off Zoraida & Co. for painting and get back into the swing of Lilith.

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