Alysangela levels up, Kaija gets rolled up.

Some fun Pathfinder news!

My sorcerer Alysangela has made it to 8th level. I’m quite proud. It’s nice getting into a higher level and having more powerrrr. Low levels are the poo. I think if my boyfriend starts up another campaign someday, I might request we start out at 4th level or something so it doesn’t take months to get interesting and fun.

AlysangelaWhen she hit 7th level, I gave her a makeover. She had been through a lot of emotional shit, and I wanted her to physically show her character growth. She’s less the naive, trusting, uptight type of personality she started with. Part of her makeover was she also made some new friends who helped her relax and find herself again after her very emotional upheaval. (I would say more, but that would involve spoilers from the adventure path.)

Character growth is awesome. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the draw of starting a character a certain way and then never having them change. I mean, if you think about it, adventurers deal with some really heavy shit. Freakish beasts, dark magics, other planes of existence. That’s bound to mess someone up.

KaijaI started rolling up a character with the Slayer class from the upcoming Advanced Class Guide. I think she’ll be a lot of fun, if I ever get to play her. I named her Kaija (like Kaya, but Finnish spelling). I’m pondering having her based a bit off Buffy or Kendra: prophesied to kill demons and the undead, feels it is her life’s duty to do so. Both the burden and the pride. (I also had too much fun on Doll Divine putting together character concepts. Instant free customized character art!)

I say “if I ever get to play her” because I’ve previously rolled up a halfling rogue and a human monk as backups if I lose any of my current characters, but I’ve kind of set them aside in favor of Kaija now, lol. Hero Lab makes it way too easy to roll up new characters!

Malifaux M2E woes.

I feel like such a bad Malifaux player and fan!

I bought the 2nd edition book the day it came out, but only just started reading it maybe two days ago. I’ve just felt… uninspired with the new edition. My boyfriend and I played the beta a few times in the early summer, but I couldn’t wrap my brain around the ever-changing stuff at the time. So we kind if abandoned it, thinking we would pick up again when the 2nd edition was final.

I don’t know. I still feel kind of disinterested at this point. Which is silly because I haven’t even played it yet. I’m hoping by reading the book I’ll get into it again.

I have the arsenal boxes for Neverborn and Outcasts, as well as the Lilith crew box (still in its box because my boyfriend the assembler took one look at it and declared we would have the commissioned painting company assemble it for us, when we get around to doing it).

I may need to just bite the bullet and being my minis (1st edition Lilith and Viks) and cards down to the game store and play it. Hop into it even though I’m still unsure of things.

I’d hate to have put all that money into the game just to abandon it, you know? And I loved it SO MUCH, I can’t just give up. Sigh.

Pathfinder Junkie

RoonaSo lately my gaming hobby has been ALL PATHFINDER – ALL THE TIME! Not that I’m complaining (too much).

I’ve created 2 new characters recently: Roona, a human witch, and Mercy, a human alchemist-barbarian.

Roona will have the Prehensile Hair hex, and as such she has long curly orange-red hair. Think Merida. She was cursed by her aunt, another witch, when she was younger, so now she has a really beautiful face, but a gaunt and emaciated body. She’s very week but ridiculously intelligent. She is seeking that aunt in her adventures to get the curse lifted and perhaps exact a little revenge. I’m playing her in Pathfinder Society.

Mercy is my latest creation. Heavily influenced by Tank Girl. (I was reading a Tank Girl comic and pondering what Pathfinder class(es) she might fall into and decided probably Barbarian and Alchemist. Gunslinger would be likely too, but I know a lot of GMs are anti-firearm, so I decided she’d be more into bombs than guns. So I came up with Mercy.) Bastard-born to a prostitute who all but abandoned her to an alchemist when she was 5, had her first kill by 8, and has been gallivanting across much of Cheliax and Andoran seeking adventure and hijinks. I would describe her as anarchic and hedonistic. Much like Tank Girl. Mercy will be replacing Angeleia in the campaign she was in.

This weekend I will be playing Mercy in a game on Saturday and Alysangela in a game on Sunday. It sounds like our friend got his hands on the Pathfinder Card Game, so we might get a taste of that as well!

I’m doing a lot of RPG and Pathfinder related ramblings and stuff on Tumblr at Adventure Ang, so if you’re into that sort of thing I’d recommend following me there. 😀